ACT is the next generation expert system designed and developed by Encodica for ASCOT Consulting.

ACT is the pinnacle of specialized knowledge gathered over a decade in the fields of assessing, consulting and training employees. It has been designed and developed based on the feedback and the specifications provided by Human Resources & Crew Management Departments, in order to be effectively supportive to recruitment, development, management and restructure.

Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, complex mathematical algorithms and sophisticated reporting tools, it provides the most valuable insight to effectively administer everyday tasks with unparalleled precision, speed and reliability.

ACT is a fully web-based application, accessed through personal computers, tablets & mobile devices, ensuring maximum compatibility. Despite its powerful features, it still offers its full potential in the most user-friendly way, without the need of extra software installations, daily file backups, etc.

Data is always available live, anytime, anywhere, so the manager needs to focus only on the task at hand, saving invaluable time.

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