GOOH (Out of Home Gate)

Our company completed a major project for Politis Group, GOOH.
GOOH (Out of Home Gate) is the information platform for Greek outdoor advertising media (OOH)

With GOOH you can compare the different types of advertising media, set your own commercial criteria for a successful campaign and choose the geographical spread, the desired advertising type, and the desired impact of the advertising message.

Built into the GOOH platform is MAST (Media Advanced Selection Tool), the professional tool for automatically creating an outdoor package / schedule for use in OOH campaigns.

Using the MAST professional tool for automatic creation of a OOH package, you can easily and quickly combine the targeting criteria that will form the right OOH campaign, according to the time period of the campaign implementation, the financial budget for it, the geographical targeting, the commercial characteristics of the places and the research data in relation to the number of visitors, but also the traffic of vehicles with a reference point to the selected positions.