Your new Radio 2.0 experience!

We are very proud to launch a major project for MCN Studios.

Streamee is an entertainment music platform and more!

Streamee offers a variety of MCN Studios Web and FM radios for live streaming listening through a unique User Interface.

Through the “Moods” option Streamee provides listening channels depending on the listener’s mood, e.g. Workout, Study, Office, Cooking etc.

Streamee provides a huge database of web radio stations from all over the world.

In addition to live streaming, Streamee also provides audio-on-demand with categorized Podcasts and DJ Sets.

Streamee is available as an Android App through Google Play, as an iOS App through the App Store, and as a Web app through

Android TV owners can download Streamee for a unique widescreen experience.

Owners of cars with Android Auto and / or Car Play can enjoy their favorite stations while driving, or accompany their trip by listening to informative Podcasts.

By interacting and listening through Streamee the user can create their own digital wallet and acquire Streamee Coins.

Streamee Coins can be redeemed to unlock premium content or to participate in MCN Studios specific radio contests.

Streamee registration allows users to save their favorite songs, stations, podcasts and DJs for quick switching and listening on all their devices.

Streamee provides its users music news, Alarm and Sleep functionality, and Car Mode.


  • Mobile App (Android & iOS)
  • Android TV App
  • Car Play / Android Auto
  • Radio Stations
  • Podcasts
  • DJs
  • Moods
  • News