Streamee for CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are fast becoming common platforms for communication, music and navigation in new vehicles.

A few years ago mp3 players and iPods eliminated the need for CD stacks. Then, in-car Bluetooth capability introduced hands-free calling, and the subsequent rise of the fully integrated smartphone overshadowed all the boring in-car entertainment systems built by the auto-industry to keep drivers connected to their cars.

While the touch screen on the car’s cockpit stays alive (and gets bigger and brighter), human-car connectivity has been perfected mostly by tech giants Apple and Google. Their systems, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, are designed to allow users to interact with their smartphone via the touch screen without being distracted from the actual device. The learning curve combined with voice commands also meet a growing number of strict rules regarding hands-free use while driving.

The evolution of technology will undoubtedly continue, but these platforms set the modern standards for in-vehicle technology.

Encodica has integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility into the Streamee app.
Streamee is a live music streaming with web-radios and audio on-demand app in the form of podcasts and DJ sets.

The driver can enjoy his favorite web-radios, or listen to podcasters for an enhanced driving experience. Using the smartphone’s 4g / 5g connection the driver can access thousands of global web-radios and save to his favorites, for quick access, what interests him.
He can also choose music according to his mood, such as the “Road trip mood” to accompany his trip with the corresponding music.

Streamee adapts perfectly to the car screen. It offers a modern and up-to-date User Interface for understandable and simple options from the driving position.