Startups are our passion

Let your idea grow. At Encodica we believe that each idea has the right to exist. Our main belief is that by providing guidance and the most suitable solutions like mobile applications and web development for startups, we can help their business move in the best possible direction for their growth.



Confused as to how you want your website or app to look? We create a visual guide to aid in the layout of the elements you want your platform to display. Strategic placements will allow your platform to accomplish its particular purpose.



We set you up with an effective design that will give users a positive and engaging experience. Whether it is for a website or an app, we can do it. Making navigation of your digital dash simple and enjoyable will provide users a reason to keep coming back.


Minimal Viable Product

Working with your Startup website idea taking it from idea and conception to Launch. We help to create your MVP Beta based Launch or further.


We can do the dirty work. Mobile apps with backend support, landing web pages, connecting APIs, or/and full digital infrastructure.



Giving startups a visual boost is our passion. Our design team is here to work with you to ensure that your brand personality shines through and creates an engaging user experience.


and expand

We can help your startup’s online presence – including SEO, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and fully utilizing social media.